Validating European Mobil Alarm Services for Inclusion and Independent Living

MobilAlarm - A location-independent emergency service

European market validation project successfully concluded - service available on the market

schematic drawing: localisation via GPS satellite and voice communication to response centre

The European MobilAlarm project tested an innovative, location-independent alarm service which enables older people, those concerned about safety, the chronically ill, and the disabled to initiate an alarm call whenever and wherever they need or want to do so, thus improving their quality of life. The marketability and potential use of the service was studied. Partners representing the whole value chain were involved in this project – from device manufacturers via the service centres to patient associations.

Across Europe, 5.5 % of all households with people older than 50 are connected to a conventional, location-dependent social alarm service. According to current market research, the number of people using alarm services will increase dramatically over the decades to come, and there is evidence that the demand for location-independent alarm service provision will rise at an even faster rate as a result of changes in lifestyles and habits. MobilAlarm aims to provide a simple solution to meet these requirements.

Following the successful completion of the project, the MobilAlarm device and service has been introduced to the market by the Tunstall company. A product description in English is available here. Click here for information in German language.